Facade Consultation & Reviews

FSFC can investigate building façade compliance with relevant guidance documents for fire performance on new build projects, as well as existing buildings. The level of support and services we offer are stated as follows: 

  • Review facade details and indentify potential deviations from the building code (ADB) at the time of building approval (or current requirements) and advised on any improvement works required.

  • Site Intrusive Surveys of ACM (aluminium composite cladding) rainscreens as well as other types of facade systems such as Insulated Render Systems, Cavity insulation, Cavity Barriers, Cavity Closers and Fire Stopping. 

  • Arranging for physical testing at UKAS accredited test facilities to determine the combustibility rating of claddings. 

  • Review of Cavity barrier and Fire Stopping installation and compliance. 

  • Assistance with façade remediation strategy to replace ACM or non-complaint systems. 

  • Façade remedial specification, drawings reviews and assistance. 

  • Assistance with façade contractor selection. 

  • Audit of façade contractors remediation proposals. 

  • Site monitoring throughout remediation installation to replace ACM cladding

  • Carry out occupancy strategies and risk assessments which would allow works to progress whilst the residents remained in place, based on an agreed & informed risk.

Facade Consultation & Reviews

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